Ritmo Calipso - Winsop (Panama)

(Ecoll 001).

Another mysterious 7 inch... Found in Colombia but including 2 nice jazzy calypsos sounding like caribbean 60s. It might be a colombian bootleg, as they regularly did with foreign productions, sometimes changing name to avoid any traceability or just because it was unknown. I guess the original track comes from Panama, as Ecoll label released another miscredited 7 inch from De Briano with the Alonso Wilson Quintet (originally on AWB from Panama, check Musica del Alma here).
The A side is sung in english, B side in spanish, but both are really fresh and the singer reminds the smooth voice of Larry Francia, who sung with Ray Perez y sus Kenyas. 

Ritmo Calipso - Winsop:

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