Lemed Janvier et l'Orchestre African Allstar (Soukous from Benin, 1981-82)

(Oueme LJ001).

Lemed Janvier took part of recordings with Orchestre Poly Rythmo, Les Volcans du Benin and Tabu Ley from Congo.
Being form Benin but having lived in Kinshasa, he can also sing in lingala like a congolese  musician (and generally alternating some french or english parts). This late album was released in Benin and contains infectious soukous ryhtmic guitars (Señores Picoteros, pienso que le va a gustar). Global sound remains more in the 70s with African Allstar band, and includes also few suprisingly funky short breaks.
First tracks deals with a topic often adressed: the fact that the slanders and rumors do not affect the musicians.

Lemed Janvier et l'Orchestre African Allstar - La Caravanne Passe :

Lemed Janvier et l'Orchestre African Allstar - Akpenin Mia Non :

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  1. What are the full credits of this LP?

  2. @ soukousman:
    I can say it is Orchestre African Allstar (credited), including congolese musicians. It may include Sam Mangwana, Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Dizzy Mandjeku and Ringo Moya, as they had a time in Togo around 1982, and released recordings under African All Stars name (although the whole band had split in 79).

  3. this lp, Sam Mangwana juice?

    No mention in any court