Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena Jazz Band (Zimbabwe, 70s)

(Gramma Afro Soul AS1107).

Take some rumba from Congo, boost it with benga from Kenya and mbaqanga from South Africa, and blend with mbira-influenced rhythms from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe...

Here's an early job (late 70s) by guitarist Jonah Moyo leading the Devera Ngwena Jazz Band ("Follow the Crocodile" Jazz Band), who became a prolific band from Zimbabwe's final independence in 1980.

Recordings are realized at legendary Shed Studios (created in 1975 in Harare), and engineered by one of the founders Martin Norris. Music industry in Rhodesia was at the time influenced by south african labels such as Gallo and Teal, extending their activity creating local labels as Afro Soul, Shungu, Ndiza, Afro Pop. A pressing plant was managed by Gallo in Buluwaya, but I'm not sure about Teal pressing locally or doing it in South Africa. From the 80's, Gallo then operated under the name of ZMC, Zimbabwe Music Corporation, major label in the country.
As being first recordings from Jonah Moyo, this 7 inch style does not correspond exactly to what the band developed later, based on sungura, museve or tsavatsava. The guitar imbricated with the hit hat and cymbal drums creates a different and unique groove, coming with a fat beat and deep voice. Enjoy.

Devera Ngwena Jazz Band - Hoza Mtanami:

...and the beautiful Afro Soul label logo, made famous by Analog Africa (which Green Arrows first release liners give good background of 70's urban music in Rhodesia)

Another nice east african 45rpm HERE
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