Eba Aka Jerome & Sanwi Star - Trahison vol. 1 (Soukous form Ivory Coast, 1978)


A great soukous track from Ivory Coast, with interesting lyrics dealing with cheating in a couple (trahison = betrayal). Long track but with incredible guitar break (from 9th minute), those particularly apreciated by colombian picoteros (I found in a colombian uncredited bootleg these 3 minutes "repique" guitar part, which is actually the only part of the track they play on sound systems).

Orchestre Tropicana de Haiti - Doux Tropic (1978)

(Marc Records LP-301).
Rivalry among bands have always been part of Haitian musical history (check the competition between Nemours Jean Baptiste and Webbert Sicot about Compas Direct and Cadence Rampa forks). Orchestre Tropicana, named from the famous club from La Havana, was created in 1963 aiming to compete with the established Orchestre Septentrional, both bands from Cap Haitien. Septentrional being well introduced in the high society, Tropicana gained success initially in the lower class, but their professionalism quickly introduced their Compas allover the country.

Pico Culture #05: Zimbabwe Hits, with Pico master Alex Aleman (1986)

(Discafrique - AFRI LP 01).

This compilation presents various bands from Zimbabwe from the early 80's,  The LP remained a period at the back of Muzzicaltrips bag as the title track is perfect to lift the tropical dancers, including fresh inimitable rhythm, sebene and weird effects...

Carlos Alberto "Katchas" Martins - Broda (Funana pioneer and Bulimundo mentor, 1977)

(DMC 111-101).

One aspect I could not guess when I begun Muzzicaltrips blog, is the number of people around the world it would lead me to meet or to exchange with.  Today's post comes from one of theses interesting exchanges, as it's a contribution from Norway, proposed by Olav Aalberg, great connoisseur of music from Cabo Verde.

Okoi Seka Athanase L'Empereur du Kete Rock (Ivory Coast, 1977)

(Badmos BLP 50).

Okoi Seka Athanase recorded this wonderfull album in Decca studio (Lagos) with help of Black Santiagos horn section. This goes from deep afro soul to highlife and soukous. The funky "Melokon Membun Ou" cannot be shared via souncloud but many good tracks on this LP, and Mubades may be my favorite, including serious guitar plays and sebene.

Okok Rachar Band (Benga music, 1977)


I have few information about this band and record, but it's just great music from Kenya (benga music) released on the nigerian label Jicco.

Jack Costanzo at the Garden of Allah - Bongo Fever (Afrocuban jazz, 1959)

(Liberty LRP 3109).

Here's a spicy version of "Quiere" by Jack Costanzo recorded live at the Garden of Allah, a famous place frequently visited by Hollywood intelligentsia from the late 20s.