Ray Stephen Oche and his Matumbo - Interpretation of the Original Rythm (Afrojazz from Nigeria, 1970)

(ESP 155 501).

His African Name Owoicho Oche means: "God is the King".

Ray Stephen Oche is singer, drummer, flutist and mainly trumpet player from Nigeria.
From the late 50s he spent time in Ganha meeting famous drummer Guy Warren "who is supposed to have deliver him the secret of  the authentic african rythms" , toured in Sierra Leone with "Outer Space" band, went to Senegal and Gambia. He arrived in Paris in 1965 and played in Europe, worked with ORTF. Matumbo, name of his band on this record means in Angola: "gifted with various talents". 
This LP has been recorded in Paris, musicians come from Congo, Togo, Guinea, Gambia, but also Brazil and "french" West Indies.

     Ray Stephen Oche: trumpet, vocal, percussion, drums
     Rao Kyao: Tenor sax
     Tony Batchi: fender bass, vocal
     Lucky Zebila: conga drum, percussion, vocal
     Paul rako: piano
     Jo Maka: vocal, percussion
     Adolf Winkler: vocal, percussion

The whole album is roots and groovy afrojazz, full of percussions and african singing (in Idoma language).

Ray Stephen Oche - Odeiyolaoo (meaning "it's burning"): 

Ray Stephen Oche - Ikwun Mokon-Qkoitiho (Idoma proverb meaning "to live is to live"):