Manolo Guardia - Negro en sol menor (Uruguay, 1960s)

(Fermata 3F0128).

Candomble beleives and culture, originated from african voduns and musically based on drums, are widespread in Brazil, but also traveled south down to Uruguay, where exist also expressions of this religion.

Guadafrica Combo - Moin Ce Roi Roi (1975)

(Debs DD 316).

Few recordings came out this formation from Guadeloupe including great names such as Georges Desplan or Edouard Benoit and directed by Freddy Mars. I would have post it just for the great cover art, but it also turns out to be a heavy tropical track... 

Les Docteurs du Rythme - Haiti Goes Latin (Creole mambo, 60's)


Michel Desgrottes (1923-1993) worked with Guy Durosier in Hotel Rivera orchestra in the 50s. This 60s LP is based on french popular themes brought back by producer Jean Huc and played in a haitian latin style. But Michel Desgrottes' own composition "Ce Pas Fot Moin" is an irresistible jazzy mambo sung in Creole.

Les Docteurs du Rythme - Ce pas fot moin:

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Celina y Reutilio - A Santa Barbara (45rpm Puchito, 1950s)

(Puchito/Talia X013).

A cuban classic from Puchito records label, sung by duo Celina y Reutilio, the track "A Santa Barabara" is more famous under the name "Que viva Chango".