Orchestre Tropicana de Haiti - Doux Tropic (1978)

(Marc Records LP-301).
Rivalry among bands have always been part of Haitian musical history (check the competition between Nemours Jean Baptiste and Webbert Sicot about Compas Direct and Cadence Rampa forks). Orchestre Tropicana, named from the famous club from La Havana, was created in 1963 aiming to compete with the established Orchestre Septentrional, both bands from Cap Haitien. Septentrional being well introduced in the high society, Tropicana gained success initially in the lower class, but their professionalism quickly introduced their Compas allover the country.

Hard to resist to "Cheri Pas Retournin": creole soul, swaying rhythm, wonderful horn section... An illustration of Tropicana's mastery, which contributed to their +40 years career and consideration from various generation of Haitian music lovers.

Orchestre Tropicana - Cheri Pas Retournin:

Spirit of Erzulie (voodoo godess) glides on following song. Latin influence, uptempo and drum break makes it a dancers favorite.

Orchestre Tropicana - Erzulie:

Maestros: Emmanuel Turenne, Ti Blanc.
Singers: Girodanny Joseph, Parisien Fils-Aime, Paul Edouard Jean.

Source: Compas Direct, J. L. Vallon

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