Xango Da Mangueira - O Rei Do Partido Alto (Samba, 1972)

(SOM BLP-80381 Disco E Cultura).

Olivério Ferreira (1923-2009) is a great sambista from from Rio de Janeiro. His artistic name comes from one of the most traditional Samba School, Estação Primeira de Mangueira, created in the 20s.

Xango Da Mangueira - Que Samba E Esse:

The album title means "The King of Partido Alto", Partido Alto being a style of samba developed in Rio from the 30s, with influences from the angolan batuques. It had various forms and evolved along the century, but basically it has a specific pandeiro (tambourine with cymbals on the frame) rhythm, and it alternates short refrain sang by the choral, and verses subject to solo improvisation. Spontaneity and improvisation abilities of the singer (versador) gave to Partido Alto musicians a respected status of "elite" sambistas.

Que samba é esse que acabo de chegar?
E Partido Alto mais e para quem sabe produzar/improvisar
What's this kind of samba that just arrived?
This is Partido Alto but for those who know how to write verses / how to improvisate

When I spin this track I have this chorus playing in my head the whole day long... Esta legal!...