Super Mama Djombo - Na Cambança (Guinea Bissau, 1980)

(SMD 001 Cobiana - Republica da Guiné-Bissau).

Probably the best band from this period in Guinea-Bissau, Super Mama Djombo represented the 1st cultural identity visibility for this small country.

Independence was won in 1974, and that year brought the final formative elements to the band: freedom, euphoria, and bandleader Atchutchi. Atchutchi had been mobilized and politically aware for longer than the other members, and his contribution completed the project. The band would become politically charged. It would imagine a new, unified national identity that was neither Portuguese nor divided by indigenous ethnicity. It would help re-invent Kriol, the synthesis of Portuguese and African languages spoken in the cities, that the revolution had transformed into a common language of national unity. (SMD cd liner notes)

Additionally to this meaningfull approach, the music sounds just great. 
I think this LP comes from the 1980 sessions recorded in Lisbon. Anyway this is their first recordings.

Super Mama Djombo - Dissan Na Mbera :

Cambança Djombo
Ramédi cu kata cura
Pamparira 79
Luta kana maina No 1
Sûr di nô pubis
Amélia Mané

Adriano Atchutchi: Composer, chefe da orquestra
Cesário "Miguelinho" Hoffer: Viola ritmo
Adriano "Tundu" Fonseca: Viola solo
Serifo Dju: Viola contracanto
Francisco Martens a.k.a. "Chico Karuka": Viola baixo
João Mota: Viola solo
Zé Manel: Bateria
Armando Vaz Pereira: Tumbista
Joãozinho Correia: Bongois
António Malam Mané, Lamine Baldé, Cesário "Ntchoba" Morgado, Carlos Baba Kanoute, Herculano Pina Araujo, Dulce Neves: Cantores