Tohon Stanislas dans son nouveau style Tchink System (Benin, 1979)


I previously posted some Tchinkoumé music (here), northern Benin rhythm based on water drums.
Here is a renewal of this traditional music made by Stanislas Tohon: he created the Tchink System style, a actual  (late 70s) version of Tchinkoumé, based on same water drums patern rythms, but played by modern instruments.

This album has been produced by Aboudou Lassissi, recorded in studio Otodi (Lome), mixed in the USA and released in 1979 (alternate Benin release on Stan Records).

Tohon Stanislas - Mi Tchinker:

Guitar: Dizi Mageco, Amegee Kodjovi
Trumpet: Johny Johny
Bass: Hega Penda Hilaire
Sax: Fadina Atiley, Bentho Daniel
Drums: Lawson King
Keyboard: Socku King
Vocals: Tohon Stan