Starlite Band at FESMAN Festival Mondial des Arts Negres (Dakar, 1966)


This LP presents the musical contributions from different african countries to celebrate the 1st FESMAN (Negro Arts Festival) hold in Dakar in 1966. This Festival, impulsed by Leopold Sedar Senghor after the independances, was the 1st major cultural event including all art disciplines (music, litterature, theater, paintings...) from Africa, and countries from african diaspora (check the great track B1 from Ghanaian band Star Lite, tittled Baba Yara, from the name of the 60s football star).
A second edition took place in Nigeria in 1977 (FESTAC) and a 3rd historical (although controversial) edition is hold in Senegal again from 10th to 31rd december 2010 (, including artist from all over Africa, Brasil, USA, the Caribbeean, Latin America.

Starlite Band - Baby Yara:

Liner notes from the LP by L. S. Senghor: