Soleya Mama & le Waatoo Sita - vol. 1 (Senegal, 1976)

(SAF 50028).

Waatoo Sita means "it is time" in Mandingo...

The band has been created by Andre Fara Biram Lo and Ousmane Sow (Soleya Mama) in 1972. The aim was to realise a renewal in senegalese music with a percussive, accoustic but groovy african folk music. This album from 76 is an original sound compared to earlier latin influenced bands or later great bands who shaped a typical senegalese style in the 70s.
The whole LP is good but I choose the following track to enlighten the panafrican approach, with women choir singing a melody from a Fela Kuti hit.

Soleya Mama et Le Waatoo Sita - Waatoo Sita le Senegal:

Soleya Mama: lead, vocal, ac. guitar 6 and 12strings
Andre Fara Biram Lo: guitar
Lamine Konte: kora
Youssouph Said: balafon
Mamadou Kouyate: bongo, congoma
Ass Fall: african drums
Arona N'Diaye: m'beung m'beung, sabar
Salimou: djalba, kutiru, m'beung m'beung
Abdoulaye Diallo: bolon
Colomban: bugeer
Mamadou Dioum and Lamine N'Diaye: poems
Studio ORTS, Engineers Momar Nar Diop and Pape Sene, aug 1975.