Jazz et Vin de Palme - Emmanuel Dongala (1982)

Jazz et Vin de palme (Jazz and Palm wine) is composed by 8 novels from congolese writter Emmanuel Dongala who lived in the US during the 60s.

These differents texts represent opposition between Music as a liberation / politicians as oppression. Influenced by his own experiences, his writings also reflect the meeting of two different worlds (jazz is -supposed to be- from the US, palmwine from Africa). Jazz et Vin de Palme is the first african science-fiction novel, in which people from earth liberate from aliens invasion thanks to John Coltrane's jazz (!)
The last novel A Love Supreme reinforces Dongala fascination for John Coltrane. A must read for jazz lovers... (listening to following track)

John Coltrane - Acknowledgement:

A Love Supreme (1964, Impulse, prod. Bob Thiele)
John Coltrane: tenor sax
McCoy Tyner: piano
Jimmy Garrisson: bass
Elvin Jones: drums

I guess Coltrane would also appreciate to see a "disco-club DAKAR " sticker on this record.