The Bukky Leo Quintet, Totally Wired, Dingwalls & Adam Friedman (Junglejazz trip, 1989)

Afrojazz has been produced by late 80s acidjazz crazy activists Gilles Peterson and Eddie Piller. This is the case with this track from the quintet led by Bukky Leo, a nigerian sax player based in UK. I am not aware of any other release of this tune than in this Totally Wired acid jazz compilation (JAZ ID 13LP).

Bukky Leo released more recently a kind of "new afrobeat from london" album (Mr bongo 2006), nice but not to be compared to this junglejazz trip...

The Bukky Leo Quintet - Olumo Rock:

Bukky Leo: saxes
Winston Clifford: drums
Roland Perry: keyboards
Gary Hammond: perc
Ernest Moley: bass

Following are original pictures from acid jazz late 80s parties in London, The Dingwalls Jazz Possee, sunday afternoons, Camden Lock N.W.1, and Adam Friedman's great work on the period.

I really like the "right attitude" adviced on the back cover:
"Enough trouble all around the world. 
Go out, go party, don't worry about it. 
Go home, think, do something about it. 
This album is for people with the right attitude.