Perucho Conde - La Cotorra Criolla (Early Latin Hip Hop from Venezuela, 1980)

(EPIC EPC8899).

A bonus track from the 45rpms found in Barcelona...
And here's a crazyness made in 1980 in Caracas: an humorist rapping in spanish on a fat disco instrumental. When first hip hop from the US arrived in Venezuela it was surnamed "musica cotorra" (cotorra = parrot) I guess because of the singers flow. So Peruche Conde made a hip hop typically from Venezuela with this hit "la cotorra criolla" (criolla = creole). Lyrics are very funny, but behind the humoristic approach, it's a real social and protest song (!) denouncing poor living conditions (prices increase, low salaries, no social welfare, pre-election promises...).

Purucho Conde - La Cotorra Crilloa: