Los Revolucionarios de Alfredo Gutierrez - Esa Mulata (Colombia, 70s)

(Costeño LDZ-20516).

Just coming back from Colombia, a huge musical country... Many investigations and many interesting material to share on the blog, particularly on african influence in the caribeean coast.

But as first comeback post, I'll just share a track i love, from Alfredo Gutierrez and Los Revolucionarios. He was a colombian accordionist recording a significant discography from cumbia to vallenato, with Los Corraleros de Majagual in the lates 60s and then as band leader. This LP is open to extra-colombian influences as boogaloo and latin jazz, but remains deeply colombian rhythmically and also thanks to the accordion touch. I guess the album is previous to 1974, year he changed label from Codiscos to Fuentes.

Lo Revolucionarios - Esa Mulata: