Bluecky d'Almeida - Unité Africaine (Benin, 70s)

(Aux Ecoutes DB004)

"African Unity" has been a recurrent subject in post independance lyrics: many songs are direct reflect from Nkwame Nkrumah's political commitment for pan-africanism. Here's an example from Benin by Bluecky d'Almeida, with El Rego et ses Astronautes de Cotonou as backing band. The 7" is an early release of Mr. Lawani's label Aux Ecoutes.

Basically what he says in the part sung in french is that the remedy from colonialism, secessionism, racial discrimination is african unity (and also that praying is not sufficient...).

Bluecky d'Almeida - Unité Africaine: