Charles Fox - Blue Pachanga (US Latinjazz, 1963)

(Gema 1183).

When the famous american composer Charles Fox plays "Just For Fun", it results a nice and sharp latin album from 1963, influenced both by classical and jazz elements.

When he plays seriously, he's the man who composed the song "Killing Me Softly", but also the music for TV series as "Happy Days" or "The Love Boat"...
As you can guess listening to this jazzy "Blue Pachanga", I prefer when he's playing for fun... even if it does include easy pun on the LP cover ("el zorro del ritmo" means "the rhythm's fox"). 

Charles Fox and his Chanranga play Just For Fun - Blue Pachanga:

Charles Fox: piano
Bobby Rodriguez: bass
Jimmy Loro: timbales
Franck Malibe: conga
Luis Ramirez: guiro
Elliot Romero, Manny Roman, Rudy Calzado: voices
Daniel Gonzales, Lionel Cantizano, Jose Andrea, Carlos Piantini, Henri Dicecco: violin