Ray Perez y sus Kenyas - Uvas Verdes (Venezuela, 1968)

(Pyraphon LP 3352).

This seems to be the 2nd LP from an ephemera band (68-72) from Caracas called Los Kenya(s). Band leader was the pianist Ramon E. (Ray) Perez, who previously played with Los Dementes, and then played in New York with various figures as Ray Barretto, Cheo Feliciano, Cortijo, Patato...

Their blend of descarga, guaracha, latinjazz is both smooth and energetic due to quality of musicians, including 2 trumpet players, and a drummer replacing the timbalero usually present in this latin production style. Particularly on following groove, with an inimitable voice and way of singing.

Ray Perez y sus Kenyas - Uvas Verdes:

Luis Lewis: trumpet
Luis Arias: trumpet
Alberto Naranjo: drums
Pedro Garcia: conga
Miguel Silva: bass
Memin: bongo
Ray Perez: piano, coros
Carlin, Victor Piner: coros

►► Ray Perez with Los Dementes in 1966 HERE.