Ahmadou Kourouma - Les Soleils des Independances (1970)

A special post for this record, taking part of a valuable RFI collection focussed on black literature. Ivorian writer Ahmadou Kourouma (+2003) explains his approach and background, particularly on one of his most famous novel published in 1968: The Suns of Independences, which corresponds to this confused post-colonial period where many changes took place but also many disillusions appeared.

Things are always more complex when seen from inside: as colonial administration was not respecting african social ranks inherited from Malinké traditions, the independence brings new stakes and orientations for the self determined populations. Adapt colonial organization to Africa? go back to Malinké secular tradition (and hierarchy)? Find new ways?
Anyway,  additionally to an unique style (irony, images, rhythm) this book i highly recommended to perceive some early  (but still actual) african problematics, and the interview (in french) on the LP, is a nice explicative bonus .

Ahmadou Kourouma - Les Soleils des Independances - A:

Ahmadou Kourouma - Les Soleils des Independances - B: