Goombay! - Brown Skin Gal (Tropical jazz from Bahamas, 60s)

(DECCA ED 2500).

Many orchestras in the Caribbean where initially playing in fancy hotels, and this so called "Authentic Calypso Beat of the Bahamas" is played by Beacham Coakley's Emerald Beach Hotel Orchestra (the singer is Vincent Martin). Goombay corresponds to the name of a bahamian goatskin-headed drum (different from the jamaican squared drum gumbe), but also corresponds to the style of this music which can be considered as a kind of calypso using this specific drum.

The following track "Brown skin gal" is very close to "Matilda",  a 30s calypso (later becoming a famous classic after Harry Belafonte's version).

Goombay - Brown Skin Gal: