Eliseo Herrera, Trabalengua and the folkloric group Los Malibus (Colombia, 1960s)

(Fuentes Delujo LP 400168).

Eliseo Herrera (1924) played with various formations including one of the greatest at Fuentes: Los Corraleros de Majagual. He imposed his specific way of singing which became a style called "Trabalengua" (tongue-twisting). You'll recognize directly listening to following tracks, but basically it consists of producing a dense jerky flow, very fast, adding syllables, without any pause for breathing.

This LP is a 1975 pressing but these tunes come from Corraleros de Majagual records from the 60s. As rapping had not yet appeared, this can be considered as pretty innovative for the time. May be an influence from jamaican early toasters? or just a convenient way to include "inappropriate" or funny lyrics as the specific flow makes them difficult to understand? So just to introduce following track, la Machaca was supposed to be a butterfly which bite would increase sexual desire...

Eliseo Herrera - La Machaca (1960) :
Eliseo Herrera - Tres Tigres (1965) :

Previously to these studio recordings who made him famous, Eliseo Herrera was taking part of a folklorical group from Cartagena called los Malibus. Composed of singers, drummers and dancers, they performed live from the 50s in Cartagena's theaters and hotels and in all Colombia. 

Grupo Folklorico Los Malibus.

Eliseo Herrera (right) y Los Malibus, reunified in Cartagena, Oct 2011.