Lobo y Melon (Afrocuban jazz in Mexico, 60s)

(RCA CAMDEN 102-23106).

Here's a Mexican band created in the late 50s and composed by the drummer Carlos Daniel Navarro Pulido (Lobo) and the singer Luis Angel Silva Nava (Melon). Their first LP (early 60s) is representative of the various caribbean influences in during the 60s (cuban orchestras, US latin jazz, african drums... ), as many musicians from the region were playing in Acapulco or Mexico.

Also, this track dedicated to Africa praising Chango and other voodoo divinities can be a bit surprising from a country were few african diaspora lives; it just  shows how much this african influence was in the luggages of musicians travelling within the Caribbean. 

Lobo y Melon - Africa:
Lobo y Melon - Campesino: 

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