Ornette Coleman - Midnight sunrise (joujouka jazz, 1977)

(Horizon 722).

This one is for ears looking for free expriments. From his 1959 "Free Jazz" LP, which open great perspectives in US jazz during the 60s, Ornette Coleman did not stop to innovate.  As many free jazz musicians, looking for african roots could take part in the approach. So Dancing In Your Head LP includes an interesting experiment with musicians from Morocco, the Master Musicians of Joujouka, recorded between 1973 and 1975. Being a sufi brotherhood, music from Joujouka aims to reach a trance (a kind of mystic musico-therapy also present in  Gnaoua culture) and naturally allows jazzy experiments. And I guess it's not just by chance that the cover artwork represents 2 faces of the same head.

Ornette Coleman - Midnight Sunrise:

Liner Notes by Ornette Coleman: