Colette Magny - Repression (Jazz&Politics in France, 1972)

(Le Chant du Monde - LDX 74476).

French singer Colette Magny became famous in the 60s thanks to her blues inspired voice and her non-aligned poetry. Her political commitment led her to interesting experiments with free jazz, including french spoken word.
Francois Tusques (piano), Bernard Vitet (trumpet), Beb Guerin (bass) here playing with Colette Magny are three of the main french free-jazz vanguardists with Michel Portal.

"Djoutche", title of following track, is a korean word which corresponds to the idea that the people is the master of everything. "Count on your own brains and own strengths" shouts Magny to encourage resistance against repression. This Djoutche concept, which could  bring hopes in 1972, took an important part of North Korean government mass propaganda, so for sure is not resounding same today. Interesting approach and protest music though.

Colette Magny - Djoutche:

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