Uhuru Dance Band - Betu Me O Awow (Hilghlife from Ghana, 1970)

(Decca 258.112).

Highlife knew his golden era during the 50s and 60s in Ghana, but this late 1970 "special hi-life numbers" just sounds like in the old good time, when president Kwame Nkrumah used to promote it as a symbol of modern (pan)african expression.

Led by Stan Plange, who arranged the following track, Uhuru Dance Band is a big and experienced band, as proved by the horn and rhythm sections. 
"Betu Me O Awow" highlife song is supposed to have Akan orgin (Akans is the majoritary ethnic group in  Ghana and Ivory Coast, including Ashanti).

Uhuru Dance Band - Betu Me O Awow :

Produced by F. Hayfron and E.K. Royce.

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