Gansou Nestor et son groupe folklorique de Tchingounme (Benin, 70s)

(Ets PHILI D'OR AZP003).

Initially a sacred rhythm played to put the curse aside after a death, "Tchinkoumé" became a popular celebratory music from Savalou region (in Benin, just north from the coastal areas when the hills begin).

The traditional instruments used are bells, rattle, the gota drum (big empty calabash with muffled sound), water percussion, and kpete (traditionnal flute, introduced from the 70s when Tchinkoume begun to be popular and recorded).
Gansou Nestor said "Gbegnon la Belle Voix" was not as famous as Anatole Houndeffo, the major traditionnal singer of Tchinkoume, but he recorded some 7" for Disques Tropiques and Echos Sonores du Dahomey (check oro). This LP was produced by Phili d'Or label (Agbessi Philibert) and pressed at Satel. It gives a good exemple of a traditional style, who had been one of the multiple traditionnal influences of beninese 70s urban productions, as Poly Rythmo or later Stanislas Tohon (check here).

Gansou Nestor - Dema Do Kanto :

Gansou Nestor - Gbeo Gleta We :

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