Dane Belany - Motivations (Spiritual Afrofreejazz, 1975)

(Sahara 1005).

Here's a unique musical project auto produced by Dane Belany and release in New York by Sahara label. Influences are clear: dedicated to Frantz Fanon, and lyrics from several songs inspired by Aimée Cesaire or David Diop (senegalese pan-africanist poet from the 50s).

Dane Belany lived in France from Senegalese and Turkish parents. She studied in Paris and then begun to sing jazz, which i guess was less politically committed than the 1975 "Motivation" album. Indeed, above articles found within the LP gatefold show that she sung in Club Gammath (Tunisia) few years before, and considered as "sexy jazz singer" allying "charms of Paris and subjugation of Harlem".
Following tracks are exemples of her later uncommon blend of deep free jazz. Dane Belany sings/speeks her poetry in french, arounded by an eastern flavour added by Dewey Redman (father of Joshua Redman who played earlier with Pharoah Sanders, Ornette Coleman or Charlie Haden). Errol Parker, who set the hypnotic frame through his african drums, is actually stage name of a french jazzman who played in Paris with Kenny Clarke in the 50s, and moved to the US from the lates 60s to play free jazz. Sirone (Norris Jones) completes perfeclty this underground allstars lineup.

Dane Belany - Conviction :

Dane Belany - Bougouna :

Dane Belany : vocals
Sirone : bass, flute
Errol Parker : african drums and percussion
Dewey Redman : horns

The wonderfull cover photographs are from Roger Prigent.
Additionnal documents (Tunisian newspaper, unidentified date) :

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