Dangerous trips to Angola by Muzzicaltrips (Semba, merengue, kizomba selection from Angola 70s)

Muzzicaltrips taking part of various musical projects including radioshows, I'd like to share some "dangerous trips" or "viagens perigosas" in Angola realised recently for Radio Capsao. A special musical selection based on dusty records, archives from golden era from this country culturally influenced by portuguese colonists, by other lusophone colonies, by Cuba and the Caribbean, and for sure by specific african musical  heritage. Wars and instability during the 60s to 80s also influenced a unique musical production : semba, merengue, kizomba, but also political music and struggle songs (or propaganda songs, depending on point of view), reflecting a wide spread imperialist oppression feeling.

Dangerous trips to Angola by Muzzicaltrips (Part 1 - 28min): 

These dangerous trips start with a track extract from a 10 inch record released in 1962, the year of forced labour abolition and population massacre by Portugal. Also a period corresponding to the start of endless conflicts which will continue until the independance in 1975 and afterwards. No credits on the liner notes : just explaining that the recordings were realised few hours before the 3 musicians were arrested by the PIDE (Portuguese political police) for high treason. The track is sung in Kimbundu, language of region near Luanda. Bad recording quality but comunicative beat and rhythmical energy, added to an irresistible guitar riff.
Follows a record released in Netherlands under title "Angola Bevrijdt" (Free Angola), and exemple of numerous productions by occidental labels supporting ind├ępendance movements around the world.
We follow with a 7 inch records serie from 60s-70s, locally produced by labels as Rebita, Merengue, Ngola or CDA. Small rarities who hardly survived the trouble periods (I'm talking about the records; but also concerning the artists in Angola, it is recognised that several were eliminated in obscure conditions).

1. Canti Popolari Dell'Angola (10"Italia Canta)
2. Angola Bevrijdt (LP MKA)
3. Tony Do Fumo (7" Rebita)
4. Jovens Do Prenda (7" Rebita)
5. Jo Bonzao (7" Merengue)
6. Ngoma Jazz (7" Merengue)
7. David Ze (7" Rebita)
8. Minguito (7"Merengue)
9. Minguito (7" Merengue)
10. Duo Musangola (7" Ngola)
11. Mainka and Conjunto Merengue (7" CDA)

Second part of the radioshow continues with Angola 70s diversity, with some hits liked as far as afro-caribbean soundsystems from Colombia... A sign of rolling beats eyeing on soukous or incontrollable rhythmic guitars (or also a pronounced latin influence from the arrangements or the horns). This is the case for tracks from Musangola or Cabinda Ritmos (Cabinda being a northern province landlocked between Zaire and Congo Brazzaville). Some of theses songs were released on LP compilations from the 70s, qualified as "folkloric" and become hardly findable collectors.

Dangerous trips to Angola by Muzzicaltrips (Part 2 - 39min) :