Kossou Houechehoun et son Groupe Folklorique Guê (Benin, 70s)

(PALP 002).

This folkloric music comes from Mina people (South of Benin and Togo) which have a very rich musical heritage.

Lead voice by Kossou Houchehoun (heavy sampling material...), echoed by women choirs, then joined by bells and drums on the second part of the track. Many folkloric regional music were pressed in Benin (contrary to many other countries), as the SATEL local pressing plant , close to Porto Novo, avoided the eliminatory extra-cost from abroad pressing process. Small local productions, not always perfectly recorded but hundred percent authentic, and representative of the musical inspiration of 70s urban musicians.

Kossou Houechehoun- Nou Dou Dou Do Ba:

Kossou Houechehoun - Adobin me win wan:

Tchingounme is another kind of traditional rhythm from Benin who influenced productions from the 70s, listen HERE.