Alberto Beltran, El Negrito del Batey (Dominican singer in Cuba, Panart 1950s)

(Panart LP-2017).

Panart Records was a pre-revolution cuban record label (before 1959), and released a good number of amazing records. Here's Alberto Beltran, a dominican singer, joined by Conjunto Casino. 
Alberto Beltran (+1997) begun his musical career in "Republica de Santo Domingo" in the 40s, and fame allowed him to travel to Curaçao, Puerto Rico, New York, Haiti, and then to push merengue style in Cuba, recording from 1954 with Sonora Matancera and Conjunto Casino.

Panart was first independent cuban record label (founded in 1943), and along with other freshly created labels (as Puchito or Gema), they tend to reduce the american RCA Victor's global control of cuban productions.  As example, Conjunto Casino just passed in 1949 from RCA to Panart, which was becoming the major distributor and record label in La Habana.
In the early 50s, the band was composed by 3 trumpets (Armando Armenteros, Miguel Roman, Mario Sori), piano (Antonio Cevedo), bongo (Orlando Guzman), tumbadora (Carlos Patato Valdes), bass (Cristobal Dobal), voices (Roberto Espi, Roberto Faz). Here joined with Alberto Beltran.

El "Negrito del Batey" song was recorded in 1954, released in 78rpm the following year, but this LP was released in 1956 and 1958.
A great example of merengue influenced tracks, played by one of the best cuban orchestra of the time. The song initially composed by Medardo Guzman, gave his surname to Alberto Beltran and has been sung by many artists including Miguelito Valdes.

Alberto Beltran -  El Negrito del Batey :

Second track "El Muneco de la Ciudad", although beeing called "merengue" in the lyrics, is clearly influenced by afrocolombian rhythms from the caribbean coast (tambora like). Superb blend of caribbean vibes from the 50s.

Alberto Beltran - El Muneco de la Ciudad :

Alternate cover :

Label form original 78rpm (1937 is just a reference, actual release year is 1955) : 

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