Alejo Duran sings and tells his life (Colombian archives, 1986)

Alejo Duran is a legend in Colombia, as king of the most popular style: Vallenato. This day of 1986, going out the recording studio where he comes back to events of his life, Alejo Duran said to the interviewer: "I would like this reel to be kept up to the day I die... supposing this day ever happens". He died three years later and this LP was released in 1989.

Always interesting to bring some context, especially when directly delivered by a musician with more than 40 years of carreer, having lived (and contributed to) the evolution of traditional music in Colombia, and recorded for all the major labels. Puya, merengue, paseo, tambora were some of the traditional rhythms he played, and the lyrics often deal with daily (hard) life within rural environnement and caribbean coast traditions. Additionally to his accordion virtuosity, these lyrics full of poetry (and lucidity on his own humble condition) contribute to his great popularity and respectability. 

What makes this interview session interesting is also some sung parts, as for example on B face an acapella of "Cero Treinta Nueve" (039), following this popular song's title explanation: 039 corresponds to the taxi number of the guy who "stole" Alejo's girlfriend... (Fredo this is for you!)

Alejo Duran canta y cuanta su vida - disc 1 A:

Alejo Duran canta y cuanta su vida - disc 1 B:

(Statue in Riohacha).

Unfortunately i found the LP without disc 2. If any one having this second record digitalized, please contact me.

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