Sharing Heritage (Original roots voodoo music from Haiti)

(Center for African Studies, Haiti).

It is a well documented fact that the Dahomeans participated in the slave trade only as a measure of "self defense"... But they had sworn among themselves never to sell anyone from their ethnic group (the Aja people).
Unfortunately towards the end of the 18th century, a "crazy man" named Agongolo seized power in Dahomey : he violated the oath of the Aja, and he sold even his own parents into slavery. In 1806, 4000 Dahomeans of royal blood who fell victim to the heinous act of Agongolo, landed in Haiti. Henry Christophe, King of Haiti had "bought" them from an English trader... Once in Haiti, these Dahomeans were set free. They were entrusted with the upkeep of the affairs of the Court of the King Henry. When King Henry died, they followed their leader Alluda Mugnon into the Artibonite Valley. There they founded their own village...
This recording is the first recording ever of the religious Vodu practices of these people. (Liner notes)

The Center for African Studies in Haiti released this unique recordings on LP in 1980. Aiming research on the African heritage from Haitian people, it proposes a valuable testimony of these cultural legacy coming from Benin, and which in this case was preserved close to his original form due to particular context of this Aja group deportation. Beninese voodoo music enthusiasts will probably  be surprised by musical similarity, despite having been snatched from their home land two centuries ago. Translation of the lyrics also tends to prove the proximity with original voodoo tradition, as seems to correspond to african content analysis.

Sharing Heritage - Legba / Marassa / Gougoune / Kongo :

Sharing Heritage - Banda :

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