The Montagu Three - Love Alone (Calypso from Bahamas, 1961)

(Bahamian Rhythms LTD - BR 37-S).

At the turn of 1960 Cuba became closed to American tourists, which contributed to develop mass tourism (and financial facilities) in several other caribbean islands. Nassau being just in front of Miami, it became one hot spot full of fancy hotels proposing "local" music to foreigners...

The Montagu Beach Hotel's band was composed of native musicians led by pianist Martin Conliffe. The LP was recorded at the After Deck bar of the hotel, blending jazz,  calypso, US standards to please tourists' taste of exotism (often at the expense of authentic local traditions, we're far from junkanoo spirit here...). The songs go from a "Stand by Me" cover to a nice caribbean jazz at "Ponciana", or the following deep calypso "Love Alone" where the voice of Pat Rolle is just wonderful. 

The Montague Three - Love, Love Alone:

Martin Conliffe: piano
Patrick Rolle: vocals
Everett Henfield: bass (replaced by David Evans in late LPs)
Eugene Fitzgerald: drums (he's the "Plus One")

Montagu Three discography:
1960: The Montagu Three - Live at the Montagu Beach Hotel (Carib LP-2014-S)
1961: The Montagu Three Plus One (Bahamian Rhythms BR-37-H)
196x: The Montagu Three Plus One - Aboard the After Deck (Bahamian Rhythms BR-39-H)
1964: The Montagu Three Plus One - Hot 'n Cool (Bahamian Rhythms BRH-41)
1964: The Montagu 3+1 - The New Sound (Bahamian Rhythms BRH-44)
1966: The Montagu 3+1 = 5 (Bahamian Rhythms BRH-53)

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