Guinée An10/2010 (Guinea, 60s)

(SLP 9).

I had a nice surprise discovering at the end of Syliphone's Guinée An X a track reminding the famous "Armée Guinnéenne" from Bembeya Jazz National.

In fact it's just the same melody but recorded by the "Ensemble Instrumental de la Radiodiffusion Nationale" from Guinea.
Recordings are from 1968, so 10 years after Guinea independance. As several Syliphone productions, liner notes are from Sekou Touré himself, promoting african unity and universality...

Guinée An X - Ensemble Instrumental de la Radiodiffusion Nationale (SLP09)
EIRN - Milice Populaire

Guinée An X - Orchestres Nationaux. Grand tierce musical. (SLP 08)
Bembeya Jazz National - Armée Guinéenne