Number One du Senegal - Lii Numuy Nuru (Senegal, 1980)

"Objectif 2000" corresponds to a session providing 2 albums, both excellent. Recording took place at Club Sahel in Dakar, assured by Papa Sene and Yakhya Fall. This may be one of the most accomplished recordings in Senegalese discography, Number One and his master musicians being at the top of their art. 

Number One - Lii Numuy Nuru:

Number One's musicians for this recording session:
Vocals: Papa Seck, Doudou Sow, Mar Seck, Magatte N'diaye, Malick Hann
Horns: Aly Penda (tr), Paja Diop (a sx), Paja Seck (t sx)
Drums: Alioune Diallo (dr), Amadou Madani Tall (tumba), Mamane Fall (tama)
Guitars: yakhya Fall (solo), Babacar Fall (acc), Moustapha Ndiaye (b)

Recording: Club Sahel, Dakar.