Lisandro Meza - Shakalao / Shakara (Fela Kuti vibe in Colombia, 1975)


Muzzicaltrips travels around mutual influences between Africa and Latin America.
Here's a great example, "Shacalao", played by Colombian Lisandro Mesa, cumbia master, known as "Accordion World Champion", joined by his conjunto.
It consists of a roots afro-colombian version of nigerian king of afrobeat Fela Kuti song "Shakara".
Amazing mixed influences version, atlantic ocean seems to have evaporated...

Lisandro Meza - Shacalao:

Accordeon is so spread in Colombia that I remember talking a guy who could not imagine nor conceive that this instrument was brought from abroad... As I could not convince him, let's have Lisandro Meza's clarification on story of 1st Accordeon in Colombia (A. Wolfe - 2003):

"The first accordion arrived in Colombia via Coveñas, brought by a man named Pisarro, Joaquín Pisarro. He came from Germany and arrived at the ports carrying grappa, wire, hammers, hachets, and machetes, and he traded thesae things for tabacco as he traveled. Once he brought an accordion and he sold it to the Villa Milian Oveja family for two bales of tobacco. The three brothers in the family all learned to play on that accordion. Later they sold the accordion to Francisco El Hombre, whose real name was Francisco Moscote. They gave him the name "Francisco El Hombre" because he lived in Machovallo, and most of the men from that region were away working in the banana plantations when a plague came and killed many of the children. But there were no men to bury the children. Francisco said, "I am the man who will bury the children", so they called him "Francisco El Hombre" (Francisco the Man). The legend is that he was the first great accordionist from Colombia."