Chris McGregor 's Brotherhood of Breath (Southafrican jazz, 1971)

(RCA Neon NE2).

This is a unique album from jazz pianist Chris McGregor, including sax player Mtutuzel Dudu Pukwana, both from South Africa. The band (as it is) was created in London in 1970, and takes you here to a "free jungle jazz trip"...

Chris McGregor - MRA:

Chris McGregor (piano, african xylophone)
Mongezi Feza (pocket trumpet, indian flute)
Mark Charig (cornet)
Harry Beckett (trumpet)
Malcolm Griffiths (trombone)
Nick Evans (trombone),
Dudu Pukwana (alto sax),
Mike Osborne (alto sax, clarinet)
Ronnie Beer (tenor sax, indian flute)
Alan Skidmore (tenor sax, soprano sax)
John Surman (baritone, soprano sax),
Harry Miller (bass)
Louis Moholo (drum, perc)