Gnonnas Pedro & his Dadjes Band - vol. 1 (Afrolatin from Benin, 1975)

(African Songs Ltd, Lagos - AS 42-L).

Here comes the real Africa Latina!

Gnonnas Pedro deliverers a unique latin sound from Benin. Famous african salsero, he changed his french name "Pierre" for "Pedro", and played all along the 70s initially with his band called Los Panchos de Cotonou, and then the Dadje Band.
He finished his carreer integrating Africando in 1995 and died in 2004.

Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadjes Band - Ati Mawuin Dagamasi:

Following LP is a 79 "disguised" reissue: tracks are not in the same order and spelling is different. Encoded mp3 are from this copy as have it in better shape than the original.

 Disco Stock, Abidjan - LPDS 7902 [1979]

It is said in the liner notes that when Orquesta Aragon came touring in Benin in 1977, musicians were singing in the bus to Lokossa: "Assiko, Assiko, Assiko... Feso Jaye..." And the following day, Richard Egues and Gnonnas Pedro worked together on some Gnonnas songs...