Orchestre Les Blacks Fingers de Cotonou (Benin, 70s)

Obscure production, blooming music...
I found no information about the singer Kpochan Pierrot, I guess he produced the record as the reference is K.P. 001. A small production seeing how cheap the cover is (i saw the same in different colors). Music has been arranged by Pierre Egnile (i.e. Pepita Egnile who worked with l'Orchestre International de la Capitale, from Niamey, Niger). It is made in Benin, so pressed at SATEL vinyl factory.

Dont be afraid about the keyboard sound, this is genuine dope... (and you should see how well this works on a beninese dancefloor!)

Kpochan Pierrot et l'Orchestre Les Black Fingers de Cotonou - Gnonnou: