Mangalha - The biggest vinyls collection in Angola

Jose Henrique Ribeiro, famous in Luanda as "Mangalha", comes back in this interview on his vinyl collector experiences in Angola.
He begun to collect and spin records from the late 60s, following angolan music evolution and influences from abroad. He had up to 26 000 LPs, shaking angolan dancefloors during 40 years.
It is said in Luanda that when somone wants to organise a party with low budget for food and drink, he needs to choose Mangalha as DJs sothat the guests only care about dancing...
We can also observ here that preserving a country's cultural heritage assumes a political character as sometimes confused with resisting to external influences, in this case white portuguese colonists

"They come to ask me how come I got more records than the President Neto"
Article and interview from Seminario Angolense - 2009

Some other respected angolan DJs: Joy Macedo, Giro Lourenço, Telmo Fontes, Paulinho Cai Cola, João Reis.