David Zé - Merengue San Antonio (Angola, 1974)

(Rebita R:1128, Fabricado por FADIANG - Fabrica de Discos de Angola).

From the 60s, electric wave hit Angola with a big influence from northern neighbor Congo and his typical electric guitar rhythms. But more traditional Angolan rhythms like semba or rebita are also often integrated into new music productions, same way as external influences (from Brasil or West Indies, including merengue) which made Angolan music a really rich and rhythmically diversified mixture, despite the few quantity of vinyls that could survive up to now.

David Ze - Merengue San Antonio:

David Zé was a recognized artist during the 70s trouble period. At this time, the MPLA party (Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola) ran the country, supported by Cuba and USSR, struggling with the UNITA supported by South Africa and USA. Artists control was an element  of this fight between propaganda and destabilization, and several  writers and singers (including David Zé, Urbano de Castro) were murdered in the late 70s.

Despite MPLA's "reconhecimento" in 2006 for all disapeared artists, this subject remains highly controversial as MPLA is still at the head of power, 35 years after the independance.

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