Dikongue-Pipa - Muna Moto (Cameroon, OST from 1975 masterpiece)

A small budget movie imposes to be creative, and few dialogues can reinforce power of images (and sound).

Cameroonese director (and theater author) Jean-Pierre Dikongue-Pipa made a master piece with Muna-Moto (The Child of Another), and his direction choices reflects contents of the movie:  traditional  organization oppression vs personal emancipation, power of money accentuating injustice in a traditional evolving society,  are treated in a revolting way. Flashbacks structure and long scenes without dialogues reminds news ways of directing a movie in the 70s. A deep recommended travel into african 70s, but also a deep and universal drama.

Nelle Eyoum is suppose to be the musician who first introduced in the late 50s the term "kossa kossa", which led to surnamed this new major style in Cameroon : Makossa. He played in  Los Calvinos (with Francois Misse-Ngo) and appears here on the Muna-muto's soundtrack whith his band the Negro-Styl from Douala.

(Magie Noire MFA 0001).

Nelle Eyoum and Negro-Styl - Le Rendez Vous de l'Ete:

Dikongue-Pipa Filmography:
La Foire aux livres à Hararé (1984)
Histoires drôles et drôles de gens (1983)
Music and Music: Super Concert (1981)
Kpa Kum (1980)
Le Prix de la liberté (1978)
Muna Moto (1975)
Rendez-vous moi mon père (1966)
Les Cornes (1966)
Un simple (1965)

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