Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - Fandango (and Porro from Colombia, 60s)

(Fuentes LP 0011).

This early LP recorded by Pedro Laza for Fuentes label consists of 2 kind of styles widely played in Colombia: Fandango and Porro. 
Fandango is originally an old spanish ternary rhythm, but being brought early to Colombia, it integrated local influences, african drums, brass bands (bandas papayeras), to become a successful style for record industry in the 50s.

The band "Los Pelayeros" points out the regional origin of the music, San Pelayo, which corresponds to the Sinuense musical sub-zone, land of Porro. Porro also emerged from traditionnal styles being played with new instruments (clarinet introduction) and became one of the major Costeño style along with Cumbia, Gaita and Vallenato.

Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - El Arranque (fandango)

Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - El Cebu (porro):

And it's always an interesting surprise to find within an old record a document left by one of the previous owners. It can be an old picture, a personal document wihtout any link with the music, or in this case a interesting complement enlightening the context of the music.
The article I found explains how important was in Colombia the introduction of the zebu, a kind of cow from India (as it could adapt to the caribbean tropical climate). This Pedro Laza track "El Cebu" has thus been used in official Colombia-India meetings to underline this surprising link the between the 2 countries.

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