Bola de Nieve - Chivo Que Rompe Tambo (Cuba, 1960)

(Sonotone SLP8).

Ignacio Jacinto Villa Fernandez (1911-1971), received his surname Bola de Nieve (Snowball) by cuban singer Rita Montaner. He's a really atypical singer and pianist in cuban musical scene, active from the 30s, then famous internationally, to the 60s he spent back in Cuba.

His unique voice and popular success (and may be some public support to revolutionary regime), allowed him to live without any trouble although being homosexual, when at the same time, the 60s in Cuba knew hard discriminations due to sexual orientation (it seems that it has been tolerated for Bola de Nieve, but it was never mentioned explicitly before his death).
Here's his 3rd album, including the famous song "Chivo que rompe tambo" (Goat who breaks the drum) composed by Moises Simons (+1945, also composer of "El Manicero"). It gives an idea of his particular style of piano and way of singing : humoristic, roots, jazzy and soulfull. 

Bola de Nieve - Chivo que rompe tambo :

The song tells the story of a man who had his drum broken by a goat. Humoristic song, he ends explaining that the goat will pay with his skin (to be used for a drum) and will finish eaten in chilindron (hot pepper sauce dish).

Short book but full of interesting information about this atypical cuban singer, edited by Letras Cubanas (1998, 2004), including interview, discography, scores, lyrics, list of movies.
Lyrics from "Chivo que rompe tambo" :