Lukoki Diatho and Joe Mpoyi - Vava (Congolese singers in the 80s)

(Maikano MAILP1031).

Following years of success with Franco's TP OK Jazz, singer Lukoki Diatho ran several projects with his colleague Joe Mpoyi Kaninda in the mid 80's (Orchestre Canons du Zaire, Tiers Monde Cooperation). This album "100-1" is one of them, although name of the band is not mentioned.
Title track denounces liars and cheaters, surnamed "100-1". Competition between bands, betrayal and honesty have been recurrent themes in congolese soukous, same as love and woman relations which is the topic of "Vava" track presented here.

Album is well produced (good 80's sound, recorded in SNM Studio in Togo, Maikano label), efficient beat and horn section packing the sound. And this track is always welcome on a dancefloor (irresistible swing), following congolese tradition of various steps in the track progression: soulful voices rumba to frenzy guitar soukous. Efficient beat and horn section pack the sound. Solo guitar is played here by the great Dizzi Mandjeku (Grands Maquisard with Verckys, Afrisa International with Ta Bu Ley, Africa Allstar with Sam Mangwana, TP OK Jazz with Franco). 

Lukoki Diatho & Joe Mpoyi - Vava:

Liner notes provide detailed information about the two singers' path:

Dialu Antoine dit Lukoki Diatho:
  • 1970-72: Orchestre Les Sensas
  • 1971-72: Orchestre Mi
  • 1972-73: Orchestre Veve (Verckys)
  • 1973-74: Orchestre Somo Somo
  • 1976-77: Orchestre Mi
  • 1977-82: OK Jazz
Joe Mpoyi Kaninda:
  • 1969-70: Orchestre BB Festival
  • 1970-71: Orchestre Tao Tao
  • 1971-72: Ochestre Show Boat
  • 1972-74: Orchestre Lovy du Zaire
  • 1974-76: Orchestre Kara
  • 1976-78: Les Ya Toupas
  • 1978-82: OK Jazz

Profusion of bands and recordings in congolese scene makes really hard to track every collaboration from artists playing during various decades. Concerning Lukoki Diatho, we can add that he begun from the 60's with Les Sensas, and also took part of Johnny Bokelo's Conga Succes in 1972. Orchestre Mi refers to Orchestre Mi Amor, from Edition Mi. In 1986 he was back with the TP OK Jazz, and sung in the 90's within Bana OK and OK International, based in Belgium.