Cuba VII Congreso de la Union Internacional de Arquitectos (1963)

In 1963, the 7th Congress of UIA (Union Internacional de Arquitectos) released a special LP for the event, presenting diversity of cuban music. 

Musical testimony of cuban government's activism in many cultural fields, impulsed from the early 60s, this congress organized in parallel a music festival (on cathedral's place, which inspired many designs), and released several LPs, including this compilation. I guess one motivation of the production was that every architect attending the congress could go back in his country with some sample of cuban music. The early 60s were a transition period for cuban musical scene, after decades of tremendous activity. Styles presented go here from cha cha cha, bolero and waltz (classy), to guaracha or rumba (more popular), but no cuban jazz is included.

Cheo Maquetti (1909-1967) is a renown sonero, who sung with Septeto Habanero and Chappottin y sus Estrellas. The "pregon" corresponds to the shouts/singings of street vendors, which influenced cuban popular music (El Manicero being a pregon from the peanut vendor) as becoming an identified song style. 
Cheo Maquetti - Caramelo a Kilo (pregon) :

Nico Saquito (1901-1982) was a trovador from Santiago de Cuba, playing mainly guarachas, as for example the famous "Compay Gallo", which he even recorded again in 1982 with Eliades Ochoa's Cuarteto Patria.
Nico Saquito y su Conjunto de Oriente - Cuidado Compay Gallo (guaracha) : 


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