Yusef Lateef in Nigeria (African tradition + jazz experiment, 1983)

(Landmark LLP-502).

Flute and tenor sax player Yusef Lateef (1920-2013) just passed away, so here's a post dedicated to this real sound explorer (before being a jazzman), who integrated eastern or african influences in many of his recordings. Famous for his deep, free and spiritual music all along the 60's and 70's in the US, he also directly enriched his open-minded approach spending years in Nigeria in the early 80's.

As a researcher at Center for Nigerian Cultural Studies he could study and explore the folkloric richness of the region. Few recordings except a rare album recorded at the University itself (check "Hikima" here), and this LP. This african free jazz suite was recorded at EMI Studio in Lagos with local musicians playing a wide variety of traditionnal instruments from different cultures: various kalangu (talking drum), algaita (Hausa flute), gangan (Yoruba drum), gourd flute, kahoe (?), gourd rattle... Pretty surprising to listen to such a recognisable flute playing with deep african rhythms. A kind of spiritual and natural meeting.

Yusef Lateef - Mu Homi:

Yusef Lateef - Drama Village:

P. Adegboyega Badejo
Salisu Mashi
Awwalu Adamu
Shittu Isyaku
Yusufu Aminu
Ibn Yusef A. Lateef
Esther Kawai
Veronica Ugye
Tani Umaru
Amina Abdullah

(dl LP)

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