Minguito and Conjunto Merengue - Pensando Conforme o Tempo (Angola 70s)

(Merengue MPA-4056).

Blind accordeon player Domingo Luis Garcia (Minguito) recorded throughout the 70s with various bands  from Angola as Os Kiezos, and here with Conjunto Merengue on this beautiful 7 inch.

As usual on these records : "Disco E Cultura", and explanation is given on the back about introduction of accordeon in Angola (named Sanofa) :
"Sanfona arrived during colonial era, played with quadrille dance, with rhythm from reco-reco rubbing, and almost always with an enamel plate with teeth off the edges. Accordeon players used to improvise funny verses about daily life. It was the "Rebita" from the twenties, when "Sanfoneiros" were kings of the party."
Later guitar introduction enriched this original music form with additional influences, including from portuguese-speaking countries. Also african traditionnal rhythms (re)introduction and urban electric guitars offered new possibilities, here perfectly balanced with Minguito's accordeon, leading to such inimitable rolling grooves from Angola. 

Minguito acompanhado pelo Conjunto Merengue - Pensando Conforme O Tempo :

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